About Us

Esteam - the Environmental Sustainability Team is a community based organisation, providing work experience, training and education for people in West Wales.

Esteam is based at The Warren, Warren, near Pembroke. We operate a variety of environmental projects (on and off site). We are a registered OCN course provider, and run a wide range of courses.

Esteam offers the chance to gain first hand experience and training in environmental work, and to work in partnership with other groups in the community. We offer a supportive learning environment, where courses are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the individual.

Raising Esteem:

Esteam offers an alternative to current day service provision. Our projects are about interaction and integration. Participants engage in projects that are based in the community and help them to feel a part of that community.

Esteam provides a learning environment that encourages each participant to use their abilities, rather than focus on their disabilities. It also provides specialist staff and job coaches to work alongside participants.

  • Esteam is committed to enabling participants to realise their full potential.
  • Esteam is committed to enhancing the environment.
  • Esteam is committed to benefitting the community as a whole.

Our Work Ethos:

Esteam upholds John O'Brien's Five Service Accomplishments:

  • Sharing ordinary places.
  • Making Choices.
  • Developing Abilities.
  • Being treated with respect and having a valued social role.
  • Growing in relationships.

Esteam works to Permaculture ethics. These are:

  • Care of the earth - the care of all living and non-living things.
  • Care of people - the provision of education, satisfying employment and convivial human contact.